Imagine you are a seed full of life. Plant the seed of yourself in the warm Earth and water it gently until it begins to open. Feel your roots growing and reaching down into the Earth, drinking all the nutrients. Feel the shoot unfold into the air, your leaves unfold soaking up the Sun's rays. All that you need is given - for growing, for your well-being. Picture yourself in radiant health.

Plant the seed of yourself and look at where you are going now. Affirm your most positive wishes. Connect to your life force. Ask your spirit guides and helpers for direction and remain open to receiving answers from unexpected places.

Honour the Earth and the fertility of all life, the animals, the birds, fish and the insect world, the great abundance of plants and flowers, the herbs for medicine, and all the food growing for us to eat. Honour the balance of the Sun and the Moon, the male and the female, and the power of their union.

This is the fertile time. Being aware of your direction will greatly enhance the outcome. Fertility will begin to manifest on many levels, through whatever project you undertake at this time. Begin new ventures that feed your spiritual path. Break away from old outworn ideas. If you are a man, find ways to embrace your inner woman. If you are a woman, find ways to embrace your inner man.

Positive affirmations are positive repetitive statements. They act like a meditative mantra, and will break negative thought patterns that are no longer serving you. These may have been built up over the years and can actually begin to manifest as physical illnesses. Use the Equinox to look at areas of imbalance in yourself and use positive affirmations to help rebuild positive thought patterns for the future.

From Sacred Earth Celebrations by Glennie Kindred

Happy Easter Beautiful Lions xxx