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Teenage activist Greta Thunberg has described the UK's response to climate change as "beyond absurd".

In a speech to MPs, the Swedish 16-year-old criticised the UK for supporting new exploitation of fossil fuels and exaggerating cuts to carbon emissions.

She was invited to Westminster after inspiring the school climate strikes movement.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said "we have not done nearly enough".

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Pink boat becomes focus of attention on fifth day of Extinction Rebellion protests.

The siege of the Berta Cáceres started started shortly after noon when police in high-vis jackets surrounded the bright pink boat in Oxford Circus, central London, with two cordons and then steadily peeled off the Extinction Rebellion activists stuck to it.

Officers with angle grinders cut through the bars below the hull of the vessel, named after the murdered Honduran environmental activist, which protesters had

Scientific research has shown that the UK can still produce enough protein and calories without the need to farm animals for meat, which is welcome news to the increasing number of people who are are already eating increasingly plant-based diets.

A brand new study from Harvard University has found that the UK would be able to sustain itself by returning a portion of land used for animal agriculture back to forest. It showed that converting land currently used for grazing and growing animal feed

A sometimes tearful Greta Thunberg criticised EU leaders in Strasbourg for not taking the threat posed by climate change seriously enough. The 16-year-old activist said: 'If our house was falling apart our leaders wouldn’t go on like we do today ... if our house was falling apart you wouldn’t hold three emergency Brexit summits and no emergency summit regarding the breakdown of the climate and the environment.'

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Climate group occupies major landmarks in campaign that could last several days.

Thousands of people have blocked well-known landmarks including Waterloo Bridge in central London, bringing widespread disruption to the capital in a “climate rebellion” that organisers say could last several days.

Parents and their children joined scientists, teachers, long-term environmentalists and other protesters both young and old to occupy major junctions and demand urgent action over the escalating ecologica

Nature is the ultimate carbon capture and storage machine. That’s one reason we should double the number of trees in the UK, says Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth's chief executive.

“Craig, the science on climate change is now so stark, surely Friends of the Earth should be working on that and nothing else. I mean, protecting biodiversity is important, but we have to stop climate change first.”

“Craig, I’m so worried about ecosystem collapse – surely Friends of the Earth should focus on that,

‘We owe it to our kids’: parents from 16 countries demand urgent climate action.

Parents and grandparents around the world are mobilising in support of the youth strikes for climate movement that has swept the globe.

Under the banner Parents for the Future, 34 groups from 16 countries on four continents have issued an open letter. It demands urgent action to fight climate change and prevent temperatures rising by more than 1.5C, beyond which scientists say droughts, floods and heatwaves will get


‘This is a humiliating defeat for Ineos and a victory for campaigners and human rights’

Campaigners have won a major legal victory against a “draconian” injunction granted to fracking firm Ineos.

The measures were taken out to prevent “persons unknown” from trespassing or causing disruption at the energy giant’s shale gas sites.

While the company has argued it only intended to prevent unlawful activities, critics say the measureshave had “a very serious chilling effect on lawful and legitimate

Ecological restoration can be a powerful means of protecting the atmosphere – we need to rewild on a massive scale.

I don’t expect much joy in writing about climate breakdown. On one side, there is grief and fear; on the other side, machines. I became an environmentalist because I love the living world, but I spend much of my life thinking about electricity, industrial processes and civil engineering. Technological change is essential, but to a natural historian it often feels cold and distancin

Zuzana Caputova, a lawyer and environmental activist whose campaign against a toxic waste dump earned her the nickname the "Erin Brockovich of Slovakia," was elected the country's first female president on Saturday, NPR reported.

Caputova won the prestigious Goldman Environmental prize for her 14-year-fight against the dump, which was ruled illegal in 2013. She said the battle taught her how institutions functioned and could be manipulated, how to withstand personal attacks and that society coul

More than a dozen protesters who clambered into holes dug for a high pressure gas pipeline said they had been found not responsible by a judge after hearing them argue their actions to try and stop climate change were a legal “necessity”.

Karenna Gore, the daughter of former Vice President Al Gore, was among more than 198 people who were arrested because of their 2015 actions protesting the pipeline in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, a neighbourhood of Boston. Thirteen people were to go on trial th

The film aims to preserve the endangered dialects of British Columbia’s Haida people.

Plenty of films are somewhat incomprehensible, but a forthcoming movie is in a language that only about 20 people in the world can speak fluently.

With subtitles, audiences will be able to understand a feature film titled SGaawaay K’uuna, translated as Edge of the Knife, which has its UK premiere in April.

It is in two dialects of the highly endangered Haida language, the ancestral tongue of the Haida people of

Businesses should be liable for the harm they do. Polly Higgins has launched a push to make ecocide an international crime.

Why do we wait until someone has passed away before we honour them? I believe we should overcome our embarrassment, and say it while they are with us. In this spirit, I want to tell you about the world-changing work of Polly Higgins.

She is a barrister who has devoted her life to creating an international crime of ecocide. This means serious damage to, or destruction of, th

Message from Mission Life Force Team: 

Dear friend

We didn't expect to be writing this, and you may perhaps have heard the news through the grapevine. To begin with let me say that Polly, in her uniquely practical and positive way, is seeing this as a challenge, not a tragedy. Please bear with us and read with an open heart - and please also see "Polly's Million Protectors" at the end of this mail.

Last week Polly was diagnosed with advanced and pervasive cancer (lungs, spine, liver, sternu

Two years ago, sustainable bank Triodos launched its personal current account. We explore the impact and uptake so far, and how it is a chance for people to align their banking with their values

When Triodos, the ethical bank, unveiled plans for its first current account two years ago, it was a bit of a departure. Until then, Triodos had mainly offered investment opportunities in clean energy and socially useful projects for people who wanted to put their savings to good use.

The current acco

Activist Greta Thunberg, 16, says action proved ‘no one is too small to make a difference’

More than 1.4 million young people around the world took part in school strikes for climate action, according to environmental campaigners.

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish student whose solo protest last Augustprompted the global movement, said: “We proved that it does matter what you do and that no one is too small to make a difference.”

Children walked out of schools on Friday in 2,233 cities and