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Campaigners against the expansion of Heathrow Airport have been given permission to challenge a High Court ruling over plans for a third runway.

Councils, residents, environmental charities and the mayor of London brought four separate judicial reviews of the Government's decision to approve the plans.

The campaigners had their cases dismissed by two leading judges in May.

They were given the go-ahead to challenge that ruling on Monday.

During a two-week hearing in March they argued the plans wo

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'We have a moral obligation to phase out the capture and retention of animals for profit and entertainment,' says former senator who introduced legislation.

Dolphins and whales in Canada will soon be guaranteed freedom from captivity when a federal “Free Willy” bill becomes law at the end of the month.

The law, which bans holding the animals in captivity or for breeding, was passed this week by Canada’s parliament and has been hailed by animal rights activists.

Under the new law, violations will

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A vibrant community campaign on Merseyside is determined not to let the government build a road through their cherished green space.

Once used as a domestic tipping site, Rimrose Valley Country Park was reclaimed in the 1990s to create a natural recreation site. It now serves as an important green lung for the community.

The valley is used by children for walking to school or playing football, by families for picnics and by local schools for nature learning. Runners, cyclists and dog own

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We can’t stave off global heating by ourselves. Together, on 20 September, we can unleash mass resistance.

Tomorrow, school children and students will be out on the streets again, in huge numbers, in 150 countries, at over 4,000 events, demanding that governments immediately provide a safe pathway to stay within 1.5C of global heating. We spent weeks and months preparing for this day. We spent uncountable hours organising and mobilising when we could have just hung out with our friends or studie

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KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysia, which has become the dumping ground for the world's plastic waste, will send back non-recyclable plastic scrap to the developed countries that sent it there, its environment minister said on Tuesday.

Malaysia last year became the leading alternative destination for plastic scrap after China banned imports of such waste, disrupting the flow of more than 7 million tonnes of plastic scrap a year.

Dozens of recycling factories cropped up in Malaysia, many without a

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It looked like a long shot when 25 kids, aged 7 to 26, sued the government of Colombia for failing to protect the environment.

Never before had a climate change case been heard in Latin America, the charges seemed too far-reaching, and environmental degradation has been accelerating in the country in recent years.

But after hearing the case, the country’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of the children and now the government must come up with an action plan for stopping deforestation in the Amazon

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Marking International Mother's Day, thousands of moms took to the streets in London and across the world Sunday to demand transformative action on behalf of Mother Earth and their children, whose futures are under threat from the global climate crisis.

"Business as usual — toxic pollution in our streets and our schools — is fueling a crisis that is making our kids sick and it is families in the deprived areas that are paying the heaviest price," Rosamund Kissi-Debra, whose daughter died from an

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The Republic of Ireland has declared a climate and biodiversity emergency.

A Fianna Fáil amendment to the Oireachtas report on Climate Action was accepted without a vote.

In May a national climate emergency was declared by the UK Parliament.

In Scotland targets are being set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2045. Dozens of local areas around the UK have also said there is a climate emergency.

There is no single definition, but many areas say they want to be carbon-neutral by 203

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Is the way we are thinking about climate change preventing us from solving it?

Elizabeth Sawin tells how we can solve the climate issue by helping other people solve their problems.

Elizabeth Sawin is Co-Director of Climate Interactive, a think tank that applies systems analysis to climate change and related issues. A biologist with a Ph.D. from MIT, Beth trained in system dynamics and sustainability with Donella Meadows and worked at Sustainability Institute, the research institute founded by

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Unhindered by regulation, driven by greed, the fishing industry is the greatest threat to our oceans. We must take action.

It is the most important news humanity has ever received: the general collapse of life on Earth. The vast international assessment of the state of nature, as revealed on Monday, tells us that the living planet is in a death spiral. Yet it’s hardly surprising that it appeared on few front pages of British newspapers. Of all the varieties of media bias, the deepest is the bias

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The House of Representatives approved the Climate Action Now Act  today—marking the first congressional vote in a decade to address the threats of climate change. The bill would ensure that the United States follows through on its Paris Agreementcommitments in spite of backtracking by President Trump. “Nothing better demonstrates the newfound climate leadership in Congress than today’s vote,” says Rhea Suh, president of NRDC.

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Bird and insect habitats lost as number of traditional orchards more than halved since 1950.

Dozens of traditional orchards are to be planted across England and Wales by the National Trust in an attempt to tackle the dramatic decline of one of Britain’s most cherished habitats.

The charity will create 68 new orchards by 2025 as part of a wider programme to boost the number of wildlife-rich areas.

Orchards are to be planted in places including the Penrose estate, in south Cornwall, and Mottisfont

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MPs have approved a motion to declare an environment and climate emergency.

This proposal, which demonstrates the will of the Commons on the issue but does not legally compel the government to act, was approved without a vote.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who tabled the motion, said it was "a huge step forward".

Environment Secretary Michael Gove acknowledged there was a climate "emergency" but did not back Labour's demands to declare one.

The declaration of an emergency was one of the key deman

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A "climate emergency" has been declared in Wales following protests demanding politicians take action on climate change.

The Welsh Government's Lesley Griffiths said she hoped the declaration would trigger "a wave of action".

Climate change threatens Wales' health, economy, infrastructure and natural environment, she said.

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The Rebellion continues.

The City of London has truly been brought to a standstill this morning with more than 300 Extinction Rebellion activists bringing traffic to a halt with swarming roadblocks throughout. Goldman Sachs on Fleet Street were lucky enough to receive a special visit, with people locking on in the middle of the road.

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Le u zacil in tukul, le u zacil in kajal” in Yucatec Maya translates as, “the clarity of my thought is the light of my people.” José Inés Loria Palma learned this early on from his grandmother.

Meet José Inés. In 1995, José Inés, with a group of like-minded local friends, embarked on a journey aimed at restoring mangrove forests in the San Crisanto community in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Why? The area frequently faces heavy rainfall and widespread flooding. In addition, communities faced

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Farmers across the world are ditching their ploughs to protect ecosystems – and it’s working.

John Cherry bends down and takes a handful of soil in his hands, brings it up to his face and breathes deeply.

“You can smell when it is good,” he says, poking it with a finger. “This smells of roots … there is a rich, organic quality to it. It is a good smell.”

Cherry is one of a growing army of UK farmers who are turning their back on the plough – and centuries of farming tradition – in an effort to t

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Climate campaigners will voluntarily stop occupations and blockades on Thursday.

The climate “rebellion” that has led to protesters occupying sites across London for more than a week to highlight the escalating global ecological crisis will draw to a voluntary close on Thursday with a day of disruption and a “closing ceremony”.

Extinction Rebellion, which has been backed by senior academics, politicians and scientists during nine days of peaceful mass civil disobedience, said it would leave its

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