All Sleeping Lions are loving, compassionate, creative beings and we are all worthy of love, belonging and joy. Together, we will learn to engage with the world from this place of worthiness. Everybody is equal here, everybody matters and everybody belongs.

We are part of the web of Life. Well-being of all creatures we share this beautiful Planet with is as important as our own. We will honour and hold sacred all Life on Earth. We will be mindful of the way we use our Planet's bounty and precious resources. We will be open to be inspired and guided by Nature.

We recognize that we are highly sociable beings who depend on company and love of others. We will inspire, nurture and support one another. We will be kind and gentle with one another. We will create safe space for all of us to share our souls, our stories of struggle and strength. When uncertainty and doubt visit, we will be able to draw from the spirit of this community.

We all bring unique skills and talents to this world. We will encourage one another to be our very best authentic selves, to pursue our passions and dreams so we can truly live our legend and create to the greatest benefit of all beings on Earth. We will practice courage by showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

We all have had a very unique experience so we all see the world differently. Everybody is on their own individual journey. Together, we will exercise our minds to stay open. We will concentrate on what we have in common and rise above the differences between us. Together, we will learn how to set our own boundaries and how to respect other people's opinions and choices. We acknowledge that discomfort and conflict are part of life but we will choose peaceful ways to resolve it. 

Mistakes are an integral part of both the creative and learning processes. We will turn them to our advantage - learn from them and make amends. We will learn to forgive one another. We will define every single one of us by the best they have done. We will practice self-compassion and will be compassionate with others. We will contribute rather than criticize.

There is a lot of beauty and love around us that passes by unnoticed. Together, we will learn to find it and appreciate it. We will appreciate one another. Together, we will practice gratitude.

We recognise the power of belief. We will learn how to positively shape our reality using the power of our words, our thoughts, our perceptions and the stories we tell ourselves. Together, we will practice mindfulness. Together, we will imagine the world we want to live in.

There are many creative ways waiting to be discovered. By taking time and making effort to change the way we see ourselves and the way we interact with the world around us, we are setting out to find them. We will transform our lives, our relationships and create a harmonious and joyful future on this planet. We will shift from fear to love, from separation to connection, from competition to cooperation, from scarcity to abundance.

Together, everything is possible.

Together, we can make a difference.

The time is now.


"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi