Towards NeoCulture

"Social change is a million individual acts of kindness. Cultural change is a million subversive acts of resistance."

~ Mary Pipher

Sleeping Lions Toolkit  

  • stop flying
  • choose plant-based diet
  • ditch single-use plastic
  • buy organic
  • clean up your area
  • plant trees
  • care for your water
  • grow food
  • declutter
  • make and create
  • mend and repair
  • gift and share
  • teach your children
  • buy pre-loved
  • walk or pedal your way forward
  • go foraging
  • adopt animals
  • show up and be seen
  • dare to be imperfect and goofy
  • play, sing and dance
  • walk barefoot
  • pick flowers
  • hug trees
  • make love, not war
  • celebrate Love, Earth and Appreciation Day every day
  • spread the message and invite our friends.

Let the fun begin!

Start with:

Monday - Eat for the Planet

Tuesday - Plant for the Planet

Wednesday - Clean up the Planet

Thursday - Love for the Planet

Friday - Speak up for the Planet

Saturday - Shop for the Planet

Sunday - Unplug

(Swap to suit)