"A dream you dream alone is only a dream

A dream you dream together is reality"

~ Yoko Ono

Sleeping Lions is a children’s game where everyone pretends to be sleeping except one child who tries to wake the others without touching them. Whoever moves, gets up and joins in trying to wake others. The game continues until all players wake up.

This New Sleeping Lions game is a real life, cooperative, social version with the goal of curbing climate change and Biosphere degradation and transforming social structures of the world. 

Basic rules:

#1 We change our individual habits and wilfully drop out from the consumerist culture.

#2 We take action to protect Life, regenerate and clean up areas affected by human activity.

#3 We invite others to join us, everybody using their own ideas, talents and skills.

#4 We create a publishing and social networking platform that becomes a source of news, knowledge, ideas and inspiration and provides all necessary information for new players to get going. The platform is a place we can meet and recharge.

#5 Our actions are peaceful and respectful at all times. We are celebrating our common humanity and our oneness with Nature.

By participating we are redefining activism and paving a path to a new culture - NeoCulture. 

Our daily practice carries us through the day anchored in love, generosity, compassion and gratitude, in service of all beings on Earth.

It can be hard to stay awake sometimes, so we are here to help one another remember that our natural state is kindness and oneness. We are here to support and empower one another so we can reclaim control over our lives and become conscious and responsible co-creators of a harmonious planetary future. 

Together, we can make a difference.